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I’m going to keep this as short as I can. The point of this page is for you (the viewer) to get to know me (the creator) on a more personal level. I’ve shared my story in bits and pieces already in certain videos and texts, but here is more or less the longer form content.


You didn’t have to go to this page, so if you’re here I can only assume you genuinely want to know more about a face you’ve seen but don’t know who he is, so good on you for diving deeper and getting educated.


Now onto me, my name is Matthew, as you may know, and I am 18 years old, born and raised in Canada. People will initially judge me for being so young, but even though I don’t have a lot of life experience, the fitness industry is where I specialize and I have plenty of knowledge to share. My first time ever stepping foot in a gym was at 13 years old, when I wanted to do more outside the football pitch to give myself the best chance of making it to my dream. My dream, of course, is to become a professional football player, but more on that later in this text. I was going to the gym at a young age consistently for about 6 months before the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, the pandemic held my generation, born from 2003-2007, back the most. 


Gyms and football were closed, and we should have been at the peak of our development, but the pandemic made a lot of people become lazy. I however, spent a lot of time working out from home, trying and testing the effectiveness of certain exercises, building discipline along the way. I was in such good consistency that even though I was still very skinny, I was able to easily work back into the football and gym schedule when things eventually returned to relative normality in 2021. Within a year or so of consistent gym going, with some mistakes and new knowledge gained along the way, I was able to gain about 25 pounds of lean muscle, which is important to have in football, and the feeling of self-worth that I gained is important to have in life. 


Now onto more recent times, 2023. After being in the gym for over two years consistently, and my football playing style shaping into some sort of potential, I decided to make the big step and move to Portugal. They have a better footballing system and I have a larger chance of making it here compared to Canada. Ever since I was 5 years old I wanted to make it pro, but never did enough to actually prove that I wanted it until the last few years. I’m always adapting and changing based on my surroundings, not just in football, but in my general life as well.


So you might be thinking, what’s some football dreamer doing posting on social media? Simply, I don’t like school, and since I just graduated high school and chose not to go to university, I had plenty of time on my hands. That’s when I decided, “Hey, you know what, why not use your time effectively to help other people along a journey similar to yours,” so that’s what I did. I started the Improvement Athletics social media accounts and business, and I’m posting motivational content every single day. It’s been a great learning experience so far for me, and if you’re here reading this far, that means hopefully I have been reaching my goals of inspiring you to actively improve, learn, and look for significant change in your life. Football of course is still number one for me, but so long as I have the time, I will continue to provide helpful and inspirational content in your feed every single day. 


I hope this article gave you a genuine insight into me and my life, and you can take out bits and pieces of this general story to apply to your life.


Keep improving and striving for change,

Matthew at Improvement Athletics



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